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Dawn Carroll Brings Couture Design to Cumar

October 6, 2010

Dawn Carroll has been consulting on stone design and fabrication for New England’s most prestigious builders, interior designers, and architects for the past eleven years and is highly regarded within the industry. She is a member of the International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA), the Builders Association of Greater Boston (BAGB) and the Boston Society of Architects (BSA). In 2009, she won Project Manager of the Year at the Boston Builders Association PRISM Awards (Prestigious Results in Sales and Marketing) . Additionally, she had authored several local and regional articles concerning the stone design world and is a frequent speaker on panels with design discussions for industry events.

Dawn describes Cumar’s success as a “magical family recipe that is essential in the stone industry.” Admiring the depths of passion and talent at Cumar, Dawn was proud to join the innovative team, seeing the move as a perfect step to learn and grow from her mentor Ivo Cubi. Of her new position at Cumar, Dawn says, “Cumar has long been a leader in our unique industry. One of the reasons I am very proud to be the newest member of this remarkable team is because Cumar consistently delivers astounding products and defines state-of-the-art for stone technology in New England.”

The combination of Dawn Carroll’s talent and Cumar’s status and know-how takes stone design and fabrication to an entirely new level. Clients will continue to benefit from stellar customer service and exceptional project management that have always been part of the Cumar brand but now, extraordinary and thought-provoking new design concepts will be added to the company’s impressive repertoire. Dawn sums it up perfectly, “This is what New England’s design elite expects and most importantly, deserves.”

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