Exotic Stone On Display At The 45th Marmomacc International Exhibition

October 6, 2010

Held September 29th through October 2, 2010, the annual Marmomacc Exhibition was yet again the premiere event for the stone industry geared towards promoting the global marble market. New products and technologies showcased world-wide trends in stone construction and design and businesses from all sectors of the industry from around the world were in attendance. Watch Video from the Marmomacc Exhibition.

Being a renowned provider of high quality stonework, Cumar was part of the select group of companies that attended the Exhibition. Owners Ivo and Carlotta walked the booths and attended conferences all aimed at learning from those in their field to bring the best products possible to Cumar’s customers. The vendors at Marmomacc displayed the highest quality stone and close personal relationships along with the company’s reputation allowed Cumar first pick at these impressive collections.

As one of the largest and most important international events for those in the stone industry, Marmomacc offered a diverse showcase of information, from best production traditions to international initiatives including sustainability to a comprehensive analysis of the global stone market. Events included award presentations for design innovations and renovation masterpieces as well as speakers including renowned architect Bernard Lassus and presentations on the latest marble design topics. Cultural and training offerings helped bring the latest market information to sector professionals and featured captivating topics such as “Marketing Architectural Products in the U.S.: Continuing Education, Design Technologies and Social Networking”.

Marmomacc once again served as the chief intersection of innovative stone design and cutting-edge technology. Operators from around the globe combined their knowledge and expertise at the leading event for information in the global stone community. Cumar’s involvement at Marmomacc, with Ivo’s ability to hand-select the best stone from around the world, speaks to the company’s ever-present mission of bringing the best product to clients by whatever means necessary.

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