Floor Creation with Dawn Carroll

November 19, 2015

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Cumar Marble & Granite is excited to announce the re-launch of our blog, a one-stop shop for insight into the fascinating stone industry. Check in every two weeks for behind-the-scenes glances at the process, photos of our gorgeous products, employee profiles and contributing articles, advice on stone care and design, and much more!

Read on for this week’s contributing blog from Cumar’s own stone design specialist Dawn Carroll, who is discussing the exciting process of creating a custom floor!


Feature Employee: Dawn Carroll, Stone Design Specialist

Dawn Carroll, Stone Design Specialist at Cumar Marble and Granite


Dawn Carroll has been consulting on stone design and fabrication for New England’s most prestigious builders, interior designers and architects for the past 20 years. Her projects have won numerous awards and have been featured in many publications. She now has projects across the United States and Bahamas.

The combination of Dawn Carroll’s talent and reputation and Cumar’s talent, reputation and expertise is taking stone design and fabrication to a completely new level. Clients will continue to benefit from stellar customer service, exceptional project management and now extraordinary and thought-provoking design concepts.

Creating a Custom Floor: Our Process

For over 20 years, Cumar Marble & Granite has relied on Ivo Cubi for his “stone-wisdom and mentoring.” The master craftsman, who is a seventh generation stone fabricator, has been instrumental in helping me develop a deep appreciation of the stone business—and in particular the mysterious product of natural stone and how it can help create lush interiors.

As New England homeowners begin to embrace a bolder aesthetic in their home design, the demand for couture stone is skyrocketing. Lively, courageous interiors are a hot commodity—and so is the expertise that goes into creating them, which is where Cumar excels. “The easy part is picking out the huge slabs of stone,” Cubi explains. “The hard part is cutting and fabricating it into a masterpiece.”

It is at this point that designers become so integral to the process. The empty space brims with possibility, posing a single question to the designer: “What do you see that I can become?”

Last week, members of the Cumar team lived out this process: hours on hands and knees, meticulously piecing together a custom-cut floor for a private residence. It was a test run to ensure that every detail was perfect before delivering the product to the home for installation, where the team repeated the process.

This particular project has been a delight from day one. The client, a discerning stone collector, first approached Cumar because he wanted something truly special for his home—a top-performing stone flexible enough to support the different personalities of each room. Honing in on his specific needs is where companies like Cumar Marble & Granite lead the pack, as we firmly believe that successful collaboration begins with listening and thoroughly understanding what a client wants. Our client’s imagination, enthusiasm, and active participation made this project an especially exciting and fulfilling collaboration.

With the client’s vision in mind, Cubi scoured the quarries for the perfect blocks of stunning natural quartzite stone to reify the client’s dream. Countless hours of sourcing, imagining, planning, and carving later, our team of stone artists had a finished product. In this case: a floor consisting of hundreds of pieces of custom-cut ¾”-thick rare white quartzite transitioning smoothly throughout the house to tell a different story from room to room. With the care and passion that infused every step of the process, this special collaboration is a true point of pride for Cumar!