National Mentoring Month: Honoring Ivo Cubi

January 26, 2016

Ivo Cubi and Carlotta Cubi of Cumar Marble and GraniteSince January is National Mentoring Month, we would like to honor CUMAR’s mentor and inspiration, Angelo “Ivo” Cubi. Ivo created Cumar, Inc., building on his family’s illustrious history in the marble business, to share his love of natural stone with others.


Cumar’s origins: Verona, Italy

Cumar can trace its roots back to Verona, Italy, birthplace of founder Ivo Cubi. Located in the Veneto region of northern Italy, Verona is the famed setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Juliet’s iconic balcony would not be out of place among the city’s plethora of medieval stone edifices, including an ancient Roman amphitheatre dated 20 CE. Surrounded by stunning historical monuments in marble, brick, and white-and-pink limestone, Ivo learned an early appreciation for the beauty of natural stone—and his passion has only grown.

Generations of dedication to quality stone

It is Ivo’s unmatched dedication to sourcing the highest-quality materials, passion for the stone industry, and expectations of excellence from his employees that have made Cumar an authority on exotic stones. Now an eighth-generation stone business, Cumar, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012, continues to pride itself on providing top-quality stone for the discerning customer.

The enthusiasm hardly stops with Ivo, whose expert mentoring continues to inspire a new generation of stone specialists. His daughter, Carlotta Cubi, Vice President of Cumar, explains, “In the stone world, mentoring is the only way that this special craftsmanship has been able to live on from generation to generation.”

Mentoring the next generation of stone enthusiasts

These generations now include enthusiasts outside the Cubi family; Ivo makes it a point to mentor each and every employee entrusted with carrying the prestige of the Cumar name. Stone Specialist Stephanie O’Brien feels that this fervor for mentorship stems from the strong family ties present in Ivo’s relationship to the stone industry. “Ivo considers each and every member of his company as family,” O’Brien explains. “He has been a tremendous guide for me, and I continue to learn and grow as a professional each day I spend under his tutelage.”

O’Brien is hardly alone in this sentiment; fellow Stone Specialist Dawn Carroll believes that Ivo’s mentorship is a crucial element of Cumar’s success. “When you mentor someone, you act as a good steward for our industry, for our society, and for future generations,” Carroll says.

Ivo’s infectious spirit has inspired all of us here at Cumar, ensuring that his family’s history of unmatched passion for stonework will carry on as legacy for years to come.