A Natural Work of Art at Cumar

March 9, 2011

At Cumar, we rarely take on restoration work, preferring to focus our efforts on the impeccable stone selection and fabrication that have garnered us a superior international reputation for marble, granite and stone sourcing. However, a remarkable opportunity came in the form of a perfectly preserved 400 million year old water lily fossil encased in stone; while in storage, the beautiful stone broke, seemingly beyond repair. Known throughout the stone world as the authority in stonework, Cumar president Ivo Cubi was immediately called to advise on the situation.

Both he and Cumar stone designer Dawn Carroll immediately took interest in the incredible piece and could not pass up the unique chance to save this natural work of art. After weeks of meticulous cleaning, the actual rebuilding began. The talented craftsmen at Cumar carefully set out to rebuild the spine of the lily first. With the precision of surgeons, they completed the project down to the most minute detail.