Talk of the Town: Carlotta Cubi Interviews Design New England Editor And Publisher

December 9, 2010

Cumar Inc.’s Controller Carlotta Cubi sits down with Design New England Editor Gail Ravgiala and Publisher Steve Twombly to reflect on the interior design world of 2010 and discuss the design outlook for 2011.

Carlotta Cubi: First of all, congratulations on Design New England’s four year anniversary!

Gail Ravgiala: Thank you! The November celebration at the W Hotel honoring the milestone was the perfect way to mark the occasion. Everyone who attended raved about the performance from Grammy-winner Patti Austin and her protégé Lianna Gutierrez. Combined with the unveiling of the MIDDIES award, it was the event of the year.

Carlotta Cubi: We, here at Cumar, were so honored to be able to design the Mentors In Design (MIDDIES) award for the program recently started at Design New England. For those who aren’t as familiar with the MIDDIES, what is your main goal of this awards program?

Steve Twombly: Design New England wants to recognize the generosity of spirit shown by established members of the design community. From construction sites to showrooms, from design offices to work rooms, we find there is a sharing not only of knowledge but also of the intangible insights that only the seasoned player can impart to the rookie. Veterans in the design world are incredible assets to promote and encourage future designers.

Carlotta Cubi: How do you see the world of interior design moving forward in the future?

Gail Ravgiala: Home design has changed with our lifestyles. Today, there is a casual flair, an accessible component, to our homes. From wide-open living spaces to captivating landscaping, design has progressed from formal trends of the past to a more inviting, relaxed style.

Carlotta Cubi: Going into Design New England’s fifth year of publication, what are some of your goals for the magazine and the design community?

Steve Twombly: We really want to reaffirm our commitment to educating our readers with both the magazine as well as our home design seminar series. Our recent series, “Real Solutions for the Home,” focused on topics from kitchen and bath design to going green.

Carlotta Cubi: And you know we always love people spreading the word about kitchen and bath design! From the MIDDIES to our recent work with Planeta Basque on the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, it’s been a great year for Cumar, and we are excited to see growing interest from homeowners who are looking to add glamorous, exotic marble and granite stone to their homes.

Gail Ravgiala: Kitchen and bath design are certainly two popular topics readers are always interested in. We are continually focused on finding the best, eye-catching examples to inspire readers and show just how impressive the impact a beautiful kitchen or bathroom can be.

Carlotta Cubi: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me, and we look forward to another great year from Design New England!

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