Quartzite – Distinctive & Durable


White Princess QuartziteQuartzite is a natural stone that combines the timeless look of marble with the durability of granite. It begins its geologic life as grains of light-colored quartz sand. Over time, the grains and other subsurface minerals fuse together into a dense, robust rock. Quartzite is celebrated for its qualities of hardness, durability, and acid resistance.

A Practical Choice for Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces

Quartzite’s popularity is due to its combination of aesthetic beauty and resilience. One significant advantage it offers over softer stones such as marble and limestone is that it will not etch from contact with acids such as lemon juice or vinegar. Consequently, quartzite is a practical and elegant design choice for those seeking a more durable, entertainment-ready material for kitchens and bathroom settings. The stone is well suited for all surfaces, with quartzite countertops and vanity tops gaining in popularity. It is also frequently selected for flooring applications in high-traffic areas such as kitchens, patios, entryways, and foyers.

Key Considerations

The cost of quartzite is higher than marble because it is: a) harder to find, and b) more difficult and time consuming to fabricate due to its hardness and density. Consequently, the skill and experience of the fabricator is of utmost importance when working with quartzite. Another key consideration: quartzite is often mislabeled. Some stones sold as quartzite or “soft quartzite” are actually marble. A basic diagnostic test will reveal whether the stone is authentically quartzite.

  • Cafe Cristallo Polished

    Product: 1 1/4 Polished     Type: Slab     Category: Quartzite     Serial # 5642      Dimensions: 118×75     Quanity: 61.46     Unit: SF

  • White Quartz

    White Quartz, part of the Linea Couture collection