Custom Stone Sinks


Backlit quartz vanityThe humble kitchen and bathroom sink is gaining a whole new personality.From the classic soapstone farm sink to modern curved styles in marble and granite, a custom design provides the opportunity for a beautiful, integrated look.CUMAR offers two options to achieve a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, custom-crafted stone sink.

Watertight, Multi-Piece Countertops

In the first method, the selected stone slab is cut into five pieces that are then joined vertically and horizontally to create a rectangular or square sink.  CUMAR’s skilled artisans are adept at making these watertight structures appear as if they were carved from a single piece of stone.

Solid Stone Piece Design

In the second method, CUMAR’s skilled artisans carve out, shape, and finish the custom sink from a solid block of stone using a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine. This approach offers our customers the flexibility to fabricate any sink shape desired. Because of the need to source the right stone, this second option can mean a longer lead time and a higher cost.

Technology, Engineering, Craftsmanship

For homeowners seeking a truly exceptional design, a custom marble, granite, or quartzite sink is a practical and distinctive choice. Creating these unique, artisan works requires precision planning, sophisticated technology, and skillful craftsmanship in the fabrication shop. The CUMAR team is known for our experience and care in taking the customer’s vision from initial idea to finished work of art.