Cumar Returns Beauty to the Earth

March 3, 2013

Cumar’s exposure to so many inspiring, one-of-a-kind stones with colors and patterns has made them mindful of the moral connection and responsibility of giving back.

All of Cumar’s unused stone and slurry are completely recycled into asphalt and concrete for construction projects. The 30-yard recycling receptacle on site is also taken to a single stream sorting center where on average, 80% is recycled. The remaining discarded items are further sorted and transferred to an incinerator or landfill. Wood, received in shipping containers, is burned in an outdoor shed boiler to heat Cumar’s warehouse. This process maintains the building above freezing to protect the epoxy used by Cumar’s suppliers in producing the slabs. Recycling bins around Cumar’s facilities are collected not only for City pickup, but among these, additional unused boxes are filled and serve as donation to support a local church fundraising program. When deciding on giveaways for annual events, eco-friendly items were always at the forefront of their minds and given first priority.

“Overall, it is a good ‘green story’”, says General Manager, Dave Connor.