An Interview with Eric Roseff, Designer of the “Home for the Holidays” Winter Palace Room

November 19, 2014


The “Home for the Holidays” exhibit—sponsored by Cumar Marble & Granite, the Over My Shoulder Foundation, Neiman Marcus, Boston Design Week, and New England Home magazine—features three gorgeous, unique living spaces decorated for the season and inspired by a royal residence. “Home for the Holidays” is the vision of Cumar’s own Dawn Carroll, who also serves as the Executive Director of the Over My Shoulder Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes mentorship in design. Each of the participating designers—Paula Daher, Eric Roseff, and Gerald Pomeroy—worked closely with a mentee on the project.

Eric Roseff welcomed the challenge of a Winter Palace–themed room with open arms. Over the past fifteen years Roseff and his firm, Eric Roseff Designs, have become one of Greater Boston’s most sought-after interior designers, boasting projects as different as Montana’s Yellowstone Club and a residence at the Ritz Carlton. He also starred in a recent episode of HGTV’s “House Hunters Renovations.” Cumar got a chance to talk to Roseff about his experience with the “Home for the Holidays” exhibit.


How would you describe your personal design philosophy?

I believe that everyone deserves great design in their lives. I approach each project with a new and fresh outlook. While there are design principles that are always in play, such as scale and proportion, it is most important to me to constantly strive to create something new, something unique to the client and the project. No two people are alike, so no two interiors should look the same.


What was the first design element you chose for your “Home for the Holidays” room?

The first element I chose for my “Home for the Holidays” room was the rug, from Landry & Arcari. I knew I wanted something really large to fill the space, and truly ground it. I also wanted something that felt “palatial,” and that felt both traditional and contemporary at the same time. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found this rug!


100814neh052Which is your favorite design element in the room? Why?

Tough question … there are so many wonderful design elements in the room. I love the incredible piece of Amazonite stone over the fireplace, supplied and fabricated by Cumar, which we framed in a gilded frame. It shows how the stone itself truly is a piece of art.


Which do you think is the most unique element?

I think I would have to say the incredible Diamond White polished stone columns that flank the fireplace wall, and are lit from within with LED lights. They are so monumental, and regal, and definitely capture one’s attention, and draw you into the space.


What were the biggest challenges to this project?

The timeline was extremely accelerated on this project. Also the fact that the entire room had to be constructed from the ground up. This also included adding electrical to the space, and being certain the structure would support the weight of many of the elements, most notably all of the marble and stone-work. There were so many moving parts, different contractors plying their trades in the space at the same time. This is also what makes the process so invigorating and exciting. It was also important to me to make the space exciting, almost a bit theatrical. After all, this is Neiman Marcus and the holiday season all rolled into one exciting project! I did a lot of research on the Winter Palace, and it really was a riot of color, gilding, and ornateness. I love it!


Tell us about the experience of working closely with a mentee.

Working so closely with my mentee, Evie Hickey, was such a wonderful experience. It really brought things full circle. I thought back to the mentors who were there for me, who made such an impact in my life. I realized what a great responsibility it was for me to do my best to make the same type of impact on my mentee. In the process, I learned so much from her as well. It really is all about listening, sharing, patience, and truly being in the moment.