A Solid Foundation for the Future for Stone Supplier Cumar Inc.

November 5, 2010

Our highly anticipated creation for the Design New England Mentors In Design Awards (MIDDIES) was finally revealed Wednesday night at the magazine’s fourth anniversary celebration. The breathtaking sculpture made from rare ammonite and Swarovski crystals will be presented to individuals in the design community who have taken the time to mentor future generations entering into the field of design.

While the reveal of the award was an incredible moment for everyone here at Cumar, our principal role in the event for sponsorship and award creation was truly a testament to the company’s reputation built through years of hard work. Ivo’s persistent dedication to finding the highest quality materials and demanding excellence from his employees has put Cumar on the map for exotic stones. His infectious spirit and pride in the company translates into a family of diligent employees who stand firmly behind every stone that leaves Cumar. Design consultant Dawn Carroll explains that it was Ivo’s belief in her that allowed her to flourish in her career and her personal pursuits.

A very special part of the evening occurred when Ivo’s daughter Carlotta took center stage to thank her father for his guidance in her own career at the family business. The Cumar family is a shining example of the power of mentoring, a key part of their family tradition for seven generations.

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