Enter the Stone Fashion World of Linea Couture

February 14, 2011

With NYC Fashion Week in full swing, Cumar is thrilled to have its own line of high-end designs to share with the world! The new Linea Couture collection features an incredible array of stone hand-selected by Ivo and Carlotta Cubi for their exclusivity, uniqueness and impeccable quality.

Linea Couture includes several collections such as the Precious Stone Collection with slabs of Amethyst, Tiger Eye Gold, Tiger Eye Blue, Blue Agate and Pink Quartz and the Natura Collection featuring limestones and granites with animal print patterns including crocodile skin or zebra print as well as floral patterns. Our one-of-a-kind slabs of Portoro and Calacatta marble were chosen specifically because of their optimal veining and coloring, making Cumar one of the rare providers of such premium materials.

New colors and finishes will be constantly added to Linea Couture. Just as the fashion world continually evolves, Cumar’s Linea Couture will always stay up-to-date and ahead of the latest trends, meeting the demands of even the most selective design clientele!

Cumar – The Best Stone Countertops in the World