Featured Employee: Stephanie O’Brien

January 12, 2016

Happy 2016 from everyone here at Cumar Marble & Granite! We are so excited to share more of our expertise with you this year, starting with a profile on another of our rock stars—Stephanie O’Brien. Thanks for kicking off 2016 in style with us!


Featured Employee: Stephanie O’Brien

Stone Design Specialist Stephanie O'Brien of Cumar Marble and Granite.

Stone Specialist and Sales Associate Stephanie has been at Cumar Marble & Granite for three years, making her the rookie of our seasoned sales team. As a neophyte in the stone industry, Stephanie came to Cumar with a thirst for knowledge, keen to soak up the expertise of Ivo Cubi and all those who make Cumar the authority on stone in the New England area. Throughout her exciting journey, she sees each year, each project, and each day as a fresh learning experience—with her expanding expertise as proof.

Teamwork in the Creative Process


Outside of Cumar’s walls, I fill my time with music, movies, dance, travel, and relaxing with my wonderful family, including a niece and nephew that light up my world. My father’s unshakeable loyalty to the New England Patriots made me a diehard fan; football is my greatest passion, and I never miss a game! I follow other Boston sports just as enthusiastically, and I am always eager to learn more about the games. My adoration of sports stems from the fact that teamwork is paramount; there are never any guarantees, and when each second counts, only a full team effort leads to success.

It’s a lesson that I carry with me at Cumar, where team effort is equally important on each and every project we encounter. In a recent project, I worked closely with an interior designer who was building her own new home that incorporated natural stone in the design plan. From the first handshake, I knew this project would be both fun and fulfilling. The client’s design vision—from awe-inspiring slab walls in the shower to an eye-catching kitchen backsplash—was fresh and dynamic.

With this thoughtful plan in mind, our design, fabrication, and installation teams worked tirelessly to bring the designer’s stunning vision to life. Working with such a closely-involved client was an enormous pleasure, resulting in an unforgettable project that reflects the striking design and collaborative spirit instrumental in its creation.

Be on the lookout for more details and photos of this exceptional project as it develops!


Stephanie’s Favorite Stone: Cristallo

Favorite Stone - Cristallo


My favorite stone from our extensive collection is “Cristallo,” a quartzite material that can be used for kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces. What makes this stone so unique is that it is the only natural stone besides onyx that is translucent, which gives it a depth and richness second to none. As you can see in these photos, it almost has a spider-web quality to it. At the same time, the distinctive blend of opaque and translucent recalls the appearance of frozen water. It truly captures all the elements of natural quartz—eye-catching details that come together to create something of unmatched beauty.

Favorite Stone - Cristallo, detail