Mentoring is a Cornerstone At Cumar

December 17, 2010

At Design New England’s Fourth Anniversary celebration on November 3rd, Cumar’s Controller Carlotta Cubi gave a speech discussing mentoring at Cumar Inc. as well as presenting Grammy Award-winner Patti Austin with an honorary award for her pursuits in the world of design and her pioneering initiatives in mentoring.

“Thank you everyone for coming to celebrate Design New England’s 4th anniversary and the spirit of mentoring, with the Over My Shoulder Foundation. I’d like to congratulate Design New England on four years of success in the industry, and thank you for the opportunity [for Cumar] to participate by creating the [Mentors In Design] award.

In the stone world, mentoring is the only way that the special craftsmanship has been able to live on from generation to generation. Growing up as the daughter of a 7th generation stone craftsman whose passion for his work has brought him international recognition was inspiring. In my house, a highlighter and a set of architectural blue prints were how we practiced coloring within the lines. No coloring books, just plans of hotel lobbies, elaborate offices, or luxury residences. When I joined the family business, it became obvious that my dad was mentoring me all along. To you [my father] Ivo, I say thank you from me, the entire team at Cumar, and the countless number of other people in the industry you have mentored over the years.

Lastly I would like to thank Patti [Austin] for starting the foundation, and for demonstrating here tonight with [your mentee] Lianna, the results of a strong mentoring relationship. Patti, for your commitment to the music industry and now the design industry, we would like to present you with the 2010 inaugural MIDDIE award. Congratulations Patti and as we welcome you into the design industry, we wish all the best with your transition from mentor in the music world to mentee in the design world.”

As Carlotta explained, mentoring is a core value at Cumar, and we see it as an integral part of a strong design community. We encourage all members of the design world to participate in the Mentors In Design program and nominate those individuals who have made a profound impact. To learn more about nominating, please contact Design New England at

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