Solid or Not? Sinks Carved in Stone

August 18, 2017

By: Carlotta Cubi

At CUMAR, we strive to appease the most innovative and challenging design concepts that our clients throw at us on a regular basis, which is why we are constantly investing in new technology and pushing the limits of what can be created with stone. Our extensive, and very exclusive inventory, of stone slabs set CUMAR apart from our competitors, and are considered a source of inspiration and creativity for the architecture and design community. Our talented staff of creative engineers, and seasoned craftsmen, allow CUMAR to execute the most challenging designs, right in our Everett facility.

Lately, we’ve been seeing a rapid increase for designs that call for solid stone sinks. This is super exciting to us fabricators, as it allows us to show off our amazing ability to shape a natural block of stone into a gorgeous slick solid sink pedestal, or an ornate sink vessel. We’re able to create the solid works of art by combining the clients creative vision with CUMAR’s talented craftsmen and engineers, with the help of the natural beauty of the stone selected.

Sometimes, a project’s timeline doesn’t allow us to source the perfect solid block to carve, in which case, we can step in a create a sink out of slabs that look like it was carved solid. This, again, is where our talent shines. The engineers work with the craftsmen to come up with a design solution, which usually utilizes 3cm or 2cm thick materials that are pieced together. This is done by mending together slabs with 45-degree miter joints, and having a very skilled stone crafter work the joints to make them almost invisible. This creates the illusion of a solid piece.

CUMAR’s reputation as a leader and innovator in the industry attracts many elite architects and designers in the industry. Knowing that their carefully designed concepts, whether a stone slab, wrapped bathroom, backlit marble island, and everything in between, will be executed with attention and precision, allows them to put their full trust in us to deliver the best product.